New reports on systemic advocacy insights and advocacy survey

The National Centre for Disability Advocacy (NCDA) has now published two significant reports that offer an overview of the state of disability advocacy around the country.

The Advocacy Workforce Survey Report provides valuable insights into the demographics and challenges faced by individual workers in the advocacy sector. The Systemic Advocacy Insight Report highlights the systemic advocacy activities undertaken by the independent disability advocacy sector during the year.

Advocacy Workforce Survey Report:

In late 2023, the National Centre for Disability Advocacy (NCDA) conducted two sector-wide surveys—one for individual workers and one for organisations. The results for the individual workers survey have now been published, and we thank the 114 people working in the sector who participated in the survey.

These reports will offer a glimpse into the future of the disability advocacy workforce. They provide valuable insights into the demographics, experiences, and challenges faced by those working tirelessly to advocate for the rights and needs of people with disabilities.

We encourage everyone in the sector to download and read these reports. 

View the report here:

Systemic Advocacy Insight Report No. 1

In addition to the workforce survey, the NCDA has collected information on some of the systemic advocacy activities undertaken by the independent disability advocacy sector throughout the year.

The resulting insight report highlights the work of resource-stretched organisations contributing to larger systemic issues. For example, it showcases how case studies from individual advocacy work can demonstrate emerging systemic issues, providing context and personalisation to wider challenges.

The report highlights collaborative efforts, such as organisations in WA working together to ensure that a new rail project is accessible to all, and many organisations contributing to submissions to the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) Review, including focus groups for people living in closed settings.

These insight reports aim to highlight emerging systemic trends informed by the work of disability advocacy around the country. Over time, they will demonstrate the valuable systemic contributions being made to support positive outcomes for people with disability.

View the report here:

We hope that these reports will help inform your work, and we look forward to continuing to share valuable insights and information with the sector in the future.

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